Saturday, March 21, 2009

Inspired by my friend Candy with her "Candied Fabric" blog, Melody Johnson's "Fibermania" AND after being nagged to death my dearly beloved son for over a year, I thought I would try
to set up a blog for myself. The urgency is to get it up and running before "Will the Tuba" arrives home tonight, 11ish, from his fun week in Washington DC and rearranges it all for me!

I am going to try and post my latest experiment in creativity... knitted wire jewelry.

2 inch Wide Knitted Wire Bracelet With Small Seed Beads

I didn't like the fastening available to me so I decided to try buttons and beaded loops and hope they will work. I've been wearing a smaller version as an experiment. No, the red wire hasn't rubbed off onto my arm and the button fastening held up for the whole day.

Turquoise Knitted Wire Necklace and Bracelet

The necklace is knitted with slightly larger beads and fastened with a white pearl button. The bracelet is knitted with seed beads and fastens with a shell button.

Knitted Orange Crinkle Wire Necklace With Vintage Small Buttons

Knitted with crinkle wire and those adorable vintage shirt buttons.
The fastening is a single orange button with a bead loop.

Phew I managed it....
No double Will the Tuba will have ideas as to how I should customize my blog.

Now my creativity is being tested by watching my husband attempting to sew the belt buckle back on his leather belt. He is determined to do it himself. It's a challenge, bless him, and I'm trying not to giggle!


  1. There you are! You're 1st post - woohoo! This ought to be up your alley! A slightly fancier version of your little emails with photos! Welcome to the blog-o-sphere!

  2. Hi Lizzie,

    Just so you know, you are a no reply blogger...if you were to win my drawing I could not reach you by e-mail and you would be disqualified....just an fyi :)

    If you want to know how to fix this I can help ya...just let me know.


  3. Hi Lizzie! Love that turquoise set and the orange button necklace is so cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog and welcome to the blog-o-sphere!!!

  4. Happy first post! Cool jewelry